1. While both ceremonial cacao and regular cocoa come from the same source, they are processed differently and have distinct purposes and effects. Ceremonial cacao is minimally processed and contains a high concentration of beneficial compounds. Have an open mind and bring your awareness to how the cacao helps you. 
  2. What to expect from a cacao ceremony: Simply come if you want some time to self-explore and over time, you will find that you were meant to receive what you needed that night. Consistency and practice is always the key when doing something like this.
  3. There’s no formal attire or uniform to wear during an official cacao ceremony so dress comfortably because you’ll be sitting and lying down.
  4. Expect to take off your shoes so if you have toes you’d rather keep hidden make sure you have socks to keep your feet warm. Body temperature starts to drop as you lay down and rest so bring a small scarf or light blanket.
  5. Come with a very light stomach or an empty stomach. To get the maximum effects do not eat at least 3 hours before a ceremony. Cacao is very filling so drinking and eating cacao will start to stimulate your nervous system. 
  6. Be ready to drink cacao with some spices and plant-based milk or water. Authentic ceremonies will serve this to you without sugar however I prefer to sweeten the drink. 
  7. Be prepared that drinking ceremonial cacao will taste more bitter than the regular hot chocolate drink. I will guide you on how to enjoy the sacred drink. If you are cringing as the chocolate melts on your tongue, allow the beauty of the alkaloids of chocolate to give you the energy that you need. 
  8. Bring a water bottle and perhaps a notebook if you wish to write down the messages that arise during a cacao circle.
  9. During the ceremony, if you feel like the instruments are too intense or that the person next to you is loud, fidgety or even snoring, keep in mind cacao ceremonies are an experience and you are receiving what you were meant to receive. Let go of expectations and control. The purpose is to understand that it’s all part of the experience.
  10. Cacao ceremonies can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on who is leading it.  
  11. Be ready for a beautiful heart opening and eventually a greater awareness of yourself and who you were really meant to be.  
  12. Last but not least, Turn OFF your phone.
  13. Also available for private events - WhatsApp +971529053542